Midiflow standalone Volumefader

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Midiflow standalone Volumefader

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Hi. How can I change the volume of each instrument while playing? I use the irig i/o 49. (hardly use mf with audiobus3 as it Crashes very often.) thx
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Re: Midiflow standalone Volumefader

Post by Johannes »

I sounds like you want to use the knobs on the fader to control the volume parameter (CC7) of each synth. You will have to find out what kind of MIDI the knobs are sending originally, and then use a Controller Remapping (https://www.midiflow.com/documentation/ ... -remapping) to map that to CC7. As a side note: It might be possible to configure the knobs directly, so that you don't have to remap then with Midiflow at all.

The tricky part will be to make each knob to control only one app, and not all of them. For that, each synth app has to be receiving data only on one MIDI channel or port. This video might help you with that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gv8wHc2d8Fk