We need update!

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We need update!

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Hi, Johannes, Do u supporting ur app? R u plan to add new features? Do u read the reviews?
There is new app called Camelot pro with all features that i wanted in imp. Only performance view with sheet and notes in iMP is better. I do a lot of job in iMP. A lot of time spend in it... only this stop me to migrate to the Camelot. New users think twice, bcz this app is not get better. It is -as is. !!!Fix russian pdf name support, it is the reason of error with sync and dropbox!!!(*)
Why I don’t see my ACCESS VIRUS TI SNOW in device?! I can send program change with iconnectivity i2+ but without it don’t work(Kronos, kingkorg, m3, Nord lead4 all works perfect by only one usb cable + apple CCK)

Если пользуетесь pdf, Именуйте латиницей, выяснил, что в этом проблема пропадающих нот.

Firstly, I need to say Thanx u for this app iMIDIPatchbay, (later iMP)! It really rock my performance experience! I used it with my i5s, i6s+, camera connection kit by Apple, usb hub and controlled Korg M3+ Korg KingKorg. I had more than 600+ performance last 2 year without serious issues (just a little will say later). Now I use it with iPad air2 and Korg KronosX and Nord Lead4. All works perfect, all my friends see on it like Magic! I want to try Bluetooth midi for both the key in the future, if u have any experience on it, say to me, please!
Problems that I have:
1) sometimes, when I change the song in set list in iMP, it change the preset on synths, but! tempo is on the previous song, so it wrong (I send the click for drummer, and for me, when we use seq and playback, arp etc.) it really annoying thing
2) sometimes the PDF file disappeared(*), the iMP say that the document was not found, and if u try to add this file in the app, u can’t see it. But if u check inside Sheet folder in Dropbox app, it’s there. And after sync u can see that it’s all ok again. The problem is, and it is also annoying, bcz I often don’t have stable internet. Please fix it. I think, this is a bug, bcz random song disappeared from time to time
3) sometimes note sustained from previous song and it sound before u don’t change 2-3 songs in set list or use the panic button in the iMP
4) if I try to clean up my used set list (100 set lists and above) all app crushed!!! Twice I lost my work on new songs in this situation. Bcz if u didn’t sync ur app before crushing u will lost ur work and new songs in iMP. Really annoying! I afraid to clean in setlist before I have not only WiFi and synced but I did the local copy in Dropbox in the different folder.
5) often controls saved in app for cutoff not work, when u change the song

My wishlist:
-Recently deleted folder (u can find song, and get the second life for it*))
-Finder for ur songs, when u make the setlist.
-Program change need to update. When u programming the program change command, it’s really hard to tap 108 from 0, and not accurate with speed tap. Maybe smth like numeric in the calculator or another solution .... anyway
-Folder in the set list screen. U can have different bands with dif setlist again
-Panic button on the pdf+setlist mode
-Favorite songs and different sorting: last viewed, last imported, by name, by date, favorites first etc.
-Independent from internet import pdf files form local device(iPhone or iPad)! Add gif bmp, and other file type. U said about it 2 years before, and we’re waiting this feature!
-Become the master clock inside and send the clock to another devices or apps
-Setlist sharing by airdrop and mail! It’s my dream!!! The case is: I can set the setlist behind the scene at iPhone and import this to my iPad on the scene! It will be really cool or maybe some advanced connection by Bluetooth between several device with iMP on it to stay tuned, if liderband decide to sing the request song.
-MP3, wav import for playback, but I decide this case with my Korg Kronos
-Small notation app inside like app purchases, to write small note reminders if u need
-Connection and controlling other iMP on another Apple device!
-Some design updating, like skin maybe. (I like the current design yet, but if I have choice, it would be better)... like black theme in setlist mode

Thanx for ur App and I hope u hear my voice, and I need ur feedback!!!!