Midiflow causing n-track 9 to crash

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Midiflow causing n-track 9 to crash

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I am running Midiflow and N-track 9 on an iPhone XS Max running iOS 12.4

Everytime I launch midiflow this causes n-track to crash

The two apps cannot be open simultaneously it seems, even with a completely empty midiflow patch, n-track cannot stay open with midiflow running in the background. The second I quit midiflow (again even with an empty midiflow patch)~ n-track instantly works again

Is there any fix I can apply on my end? I have restarted many times but this makes no difference. Could you please help me to resolve this? Right now it is making it impossible for me to make any progress on a song I have a deadline on. Is it possible to update the app to fix the incompatibility?

Thank you so much!!