Forward Program Change to external synth

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Forward Program Change to external synth

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Hi all,

I love iMIDIPatchBay but got blocked with an issue for a few days.

I can't find a way to send the Program Change messages from my master keyboard to my external midi synth module through iMIDIPatchBay.

Both master keyboard and external synth are connected to my iPad thanks to my Griffin Studio Connect interface. All messages (notes, sustain, CC...) from the master keyboard get routed ok to the synth through iMIDIPatchBay, I can also change iMidiPatchBay songs thanks to Program Change messages sent by the master keyboard but when I switch "Receive Program Changes" to off I would expect the Program Change messages to be passed through to the external device instead d of changing iMIDIPatchBay songs but it's not the case, just nothing happens.

Could someone help by confirming whether such forwarding of PC messages to an external module is possible (and if so explain how to do it), or confirm it can't be done (actually don't understand why if it so).

Thanks in advance for your help
Best regards,