1 ch in, 8 ch out?

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1 ch in, 8 ch out?

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i'd like to use a nanoKontrol2 with sampletank on my ipad pro.
so that faders control volume CC data
the nano is programmed and ready to go.
i can assign each sampletank patch to a different midi ch.
but the keyboard controller only sneds 1 ch midi note data.
i need to be able to take that 1 ch of midi note data and split it to at least 8 different midi ch.
midiflow splitter seems to be focused on split oints.
not sure if imidipatchbay would do the job?
or one of the other apps in midiflow for audiobus?
i am also using audiobus 3.
since i will also be using other synth apps along with sampletank.
they will be assigned to different midi ch, so will play only with sampletank patches on that ch.

is there anything that can do this?
split 1 ch in to 8 midi ch out, before it hits audiobus?


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