Routing with limited key range still plays outside notes Topic is solved

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Routing with limited key range still plays outside notes

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I have a simple setup, just one routing in which I limit the key range from C1 to C2. The input comes from my master keyboard, and the destination is iGrand Piano. For some reason, the key range seems not to have an effect, the sound plays across the whole keyboard. I've attached the Midiflow preset and the MIDI settings of iGrand Piano.
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Re: Routing with limited key range still plays outside notesAccepted answer

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I think you ran into a common problem: iGrandPiano is receiving the MIDI data of your keyboard directly. You could probably quit Midiflow and still hear the sound, because it is bypassed. To solve the issue, you have to make sure that iGrandPiano does not receive anything from the keyboard directly, but only from Midiflow. One solution is to configure the app to use a different channel (change it from 1 to 2). Then, you will have to edit the routing in Midiflow so that it not only filters the note range, but also remaps the channel from 1 to 2. See ... -remapping for more info.

Other synth apps have a more sophisticated MIDI settings page and allow you to specify the input MIDI ports, and not only the channel. In that case, you might be able to disable your Keyboard there.

I hope that helps!