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I LOVE Midiflow Scales. It makes me sound like I can really play. 😉👍🏻
My one issue is that it’s not auv3. Going through Audiobus is a pain to set up for me as there are numerous apps I want to use Midiflow scales in. Cubasis, Xequence, Aum to name but a few.
Do you have any auv3 plans?
If not, can you recommend an auv3 app that will allow me to only play the chosen scale on the white keys? Nothing else I’ve tried will allow me to do this. (ScaleBud/Rozeta Scales/KB-1 etc)
Many thanks for an excellent app.
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Re: Auv3

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This is planned and being developed!

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Re: Auv3

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Yes please, AUV3 is much needed!
Right now need to launch Midiflow alongside AUM to reroute my midi channels, filter out Sysex and remap controllers.

I have some questions please:
    When AUV3 is finalised, would that mean that it would launch automatically from within AUM as an audio unit Midi controller if assigned to an AUM midi channel? So I would no longer need to launch the two apps independently right?
      Is there a target date of the launch?
        Will the AUV3 version be available for free for current users or as a separate purchase?