Receive MSB, LSB and Programnr in Imidipatchbay

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Receive MSB, LSB and Programnr in Imidipatchbay

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IMidipatchbay is a really conveniant app to organise and recall my MIDI settings. At this moment I use it with my Roland RD 300 stagepiano to devide the keyboard in three sections with different internal RD 300 sounds.
What would be a very conveniant addition to the app is to receive (learn) the corresponding MSB, LSB and Programnumber of the sound i choose on my device (in this case my RD 300), so you don’t have to look this up in long tables and program manually in Imidipatchbay.

Before I found Imidipatchbay, I used Yamaha’s Setlistorganiser app which had this learn function so I think I could be technically possible, just like the ‘learning’ function of Imidipatchbay for creating the ‘zone points’.

Hope this can be realised. 😊👍