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Control AUM + Logic X with midiflow

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I have read the Midiflow documentation slowly and checked the FAQ. Some of midi is still a mystery to me and I am hoping Midiflow might help.

AUM can be stopped/started by MMC. Logic can send MMC but AUM won’t recognize the code Logic sends.
I was hoping Midiflow could convert midi clock to MMC, or I could set Midiflow up to be the Master and send the correct stop/start info to both AUM and Logic, or that Midiflow could convert the stop/start information from Logic to code that AUM would respond to.

As midi clock, midi machine control and midi timecode still confuse me I hope I am asking the correct question.

Set up - Logic X (most recent) on my tower connected to iconnect audio 4+ connected to iPad Pro. I have set up Logic to control Patterning on the iPad. Patterning accepts midi clock and it worked well. The secret to controlling AUM is my challenge.

Thanks for any assistance.
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Re: Control AUM + Logic X with midiflowAccepted answer

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Midiflow cannot do MMC, I'm sorry.