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Attach pdf to setlist

Post by massimilianow »

i'm new to iMidiPatchBay and i'm trying to organize my whole setup.
For complex songs where i need several patch changes i created a song for each patch and a setlist for the song. And it works great.
The problem i'm facing is that it seems i can attach pdf only to songs and not to setlists so for a complex songs (setlist) made of mulpliple patches (songs) i have to import pdf several times. In this way i cannot even reuse a patch (song) in different songs as it has attached another pdf.
Am i missing something?
Thanks for any help :)
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Re: Attach pdf to setlistAccepted answer

Post by Johannes »

Thats true. If you want to use the same preset for different songs (with different pdfs), you would have to create a copy of the preset. I'm sorry if that's inconvenient for you...