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iMIDIPatchbay Application Question

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Good day!!

I have been reading a lot about iMIDIPatchbay and I think that it might be what I need for my stage setup. I play bass guitar and lead sing in a three piece band and I would like to add my foot operated one octave MIDI controller to my stage setup (Roland PK-5).

I have already purchased a program called "Chord Polypad" which after programming, creates beautiful chords from single note inputs. However, this app has few internal sounds, so I need to purchase a synth app. I am looking to Synthmaster, which seems to have the sounds that I need and at the same time will not overload the processing power of my iPad Mini, running IOS 9.3.5.

Now to my difficulty....
As lead singer, I cannot take a lot of time between songs to adjust presets. I have been searching for an synth app that responds to simple MIDI program change messages but with no success.

Would iMIDIPatchbay be a solution for this?? Would I be able to program both Chord PolyPad and Synthmaster to change presets easily and at the same time, using the setlist function??

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Re: iMIDIPatchbay Application QuestionAccepted answer

Post by Johannes »

iMIDIPatchbay can only control apps that receive program changes, which is the standard for controlling musical instruments remotely. SO, if this is not supported, iMIDIPatchbay will be no help.

You might want to take a look at Audiobus, which is an Audio plugin host that has many supported apps.