iMIDIPatchbay Application Question

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iMIDIPatchbay Application Question

Post by billinbrasil » Mon May 27, 2019 4:28 pm

Good day!!

I have been reading a lot about iMIDIPatchbay and I think that it might be what I need for my stage setup. I play bass guitar and lead sing in a three piece band and I would like to add my foot operated one octave MIDI controller to my stage setup (Roland PK-5).

I have already purchased a program called "Chord Polypad" which after programming, creates beautiful chords from single note inputs. However, this app has few internal sounds, so I need to purchase a synth app. I am looking to Synthmaster, which seems to have the sounds that I need and at the same time will not overload the processing power of my iPad Mini, running IOS 9.3.5.

Now to my difficulty....
As lead singer, I cannot take a lot of time between songs to adjust presets. I have been searching for an synth app that responds to simple MIDI program change messages but with no success.

Would iMIDIPatchbay be a solution for this?? Would I be able to program both Chord PolyPad and Synthmaster to change presets easily and at the same time, using the setlist function??


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