Midi out to external keyboard, Midiflow?

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Midi out to external keyboard, Midiflow?

Post by Bhodaway »

Dear Midiflow,

I’m trying to send midi data (.mid file) to an external keyboard via an iOS app through the lightening Jack -> camera connector -> usb -> Keyboard.

I have tried several programs that play the midi file on my phone but I want to check if they send midi out through the lightening Jack.

Will midi flow check this for me?

Do you have a program that would recommend for my purpose?

Thank you!
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Re: Midi out to external keyboard, Midiflow?

Post by Johannes »

No, Midiflow cannot check what is sent to a MIDI port. For that, you would have to connect the output with another input. Then, Midiflow would show incoming notes.

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Post by RaSsnuck »

Hi. I am trying to use mouse gestures to assign a keyboard short cut to button 3 on my mouse. I cant figure out the js for the gesture. Any help? The shortcut key is "Alt" Thanks