Controlling Two Devices in Daisy Chain

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Controlling Two Devices in Daisy Chain

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I’m trying to use iMIDIPatchbay to configure my TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 and Line 6 Helix HX Effects units to both accept MIDI information from my iPad, which I intend to use live, once we can get back out there...

I’m connecting the two devices daisy chain style but cannot get iMIDIPatchbay on my iPad to “see” the second device in the chain. If I put the HXFX first, the app controls it just fine but the VL2 doesn’t seem to receive MIDI data. When I switch the devices around, the VL2 work fine but on the HXFX nothing. In both cases, I’ve tried using the MIDI out and the MIDI thru, neither works.

It seems that iMIDIPatchbay doesn’t even “see” the second device in the chain, as the second device is not listed in the extern sections of the app. Switching the devices switches what the app displays.

Any ideas??
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Re: Controlling Two Devices in Daisy Chain

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Did you sort it out? I would think that iMidipatchbay Wouldn’t need to “see” the second device... this is just an indication of the port you’re sending the midi data out of, So sending out by and interface connected to the first device should get through to the second device as long as the first device has many through turned on (and your MIDI ins and MIDI outs are connected the right way around :-)

Did you try Replacing the second device with something else that can monitor the midi messages? Like another iPad running with MIDI flow or some other MIDI monitor?