Filtering "Note off" messages / making Midi stream "lighter"

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Filtering "Note off" messages / making Midi stream "lighter"

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Hi Johannes,

please see also post "CC to Note Value only sending Off messages" below where i posted my observations about that.

In addition, I would very much like to be able to remove "note off" messages from a midi stream. I simply don't need them in my target application, which is
- turn audio levels to Midi CC in AUM host app running FAC envolver plugin
- transform MID CCs to Note Velocities in MidiFlow
- Manipulate note velocities in Midi Curve (nice turning knobs there, can be done even live to manipulate dimmers)
- pick up midi stream in Luminair app to control DMX lighting

Works in principle, but when running two or more audio streams (low, mid, high - like the good old "Lichtorgel"), it appears that Midi Data is just getting too much and Luminair is becoming instable and off timing. IN fact, when the music stops, lights keep flickering for a few more seconds, an indicator that midi buffers are full and the stream is still forwarded into Luminair.

Hence the idea to remove at least the "note off" messages so Luminair won't even receive them anymore.

Alternatively, is there any way to reduce the data transferred in a given midi stream? E.g. by only sending every second or third note velocity for a given note value? Any ideas how to do this today in MidiFlow or enhancements in a future release would be appreciated!

Thanks much! Dietmar