Troubleshooting program changes Roland JUPITER 80 Topic is solved

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Troubleshooting program changes Roland JUPITER 80

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So far I can’t manage to get an program change for the registration list on the JUPITER 80. Each registration contains a setup from tones, live sets and parts (perc-lower-upper-solo). Main Controls of volume, pan are working but not program change messages to select a different registration. According to the manual uses Roland an Device ID, choosable from 17—>32. They say is best and sometimes necessary that the two devices have the same Device ID number. But this kind of ID device number can’t be set in the iMIDIPatchbay app. For the midi connection I use an iConnectMidi4+. I have no idea what’s going wrong.
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Re: Troubleshooting program changes Roland JUPITER 80Accepted answer

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I don't understand the part with the Device ID. Program Change commands don't have something like that. Are they talking about some SysEX commands?