Jamstick+ and Midiflow Adapter

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Jamstick+ and Midiflow Adapter

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Hi there

I have a Jamstik+ midi guitar which is compatible with Audiobus but not optimised for Audiobus 3. When I try to load the app as an audio input it crashes and I get a ‘Recovering’ message.

I can see in the Jamstik app settings I am able to switch to single MIDI channel mode or select the MIDI channel of the first string.

I am hoping for advice on whether this indicates I could use Midiflow Adapter (Audiobus) or the general Midiflow app so Jamstik will work with Audiobus.

Would be very grateful for any help.
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Just curiosity: there will be an upgrade using the new posibilities with Canvas? It would be great

Thank you very much and best regards.