Full Backup/Sync to DropBox

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Full Backup/Sync to DropBox

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Dear Johannes,
first of all let me thank you for your software. It was the missing piece for my transition to an "iPad only" setup. For the records, now I use a master keyboard and the iPad for my wedding/cover band. I've set a patch for every sound, split, layer I use and I recall them using a CC sent by a custom built MIDI button box.

All the apps are loaded in a single AUM session and the sounds are changed by using CCs/PCs sent on the patch load.

My request is to have a way to perform a full backup (and a full restore) using DropBox

As of now I have 3 iPads (1 in the rehearsals room, and 2 live) that needs to be kept in sync and it's not so easy with the single patch export.

Thank you in advance