MIDI mapping availability

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MIDI mapping availability

Post by ThyagoCruz »

I am interested in mapping some MIDI commands to functions or specific changes of the Audiobus embedded MIDIFLOW apps.
For instance, in some songs, I want it to use Transposer to transpose -2 semi tons, and some songs to go back to no transposing at all. Same for MIDI changes, or remaping CC commands.
I cannot find a way to send either a CC or PC that adjusts the transposing value from what it is to something new I want, and hence why I am wondering even if there is MIDI mapping availability for that things like this?
Here is the link to my Audiobus profile: Audiobus preset 'Poor Tower': http://preset.audiob.us/mVCoJJYpcjOylrV

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Re: MIDI mapping availability

Post by Johannes »

at the moment, it is not possible to control the values like note shift using MIDI. What you would have to do is having multiple Audiobus presets for the different songs.