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Good Day,

I love the layout, features and live usability of iMidipatchbay (Much better than Midiflow or Midifire) but I could use a few items that are missing and some updates to fix some issues.

-Send all program changes and program information stored in a program to all devices attached to the program with a program change whether the extern is on or not when saved. Currently I have to turn on all Externs, save the program and when loaded, turn off layers or instruments. I would rather have most externs off but loaded when I change programs.
-Add a button to send/resend the loaded program without switching to another program and back

Additional Features
-Assign a velocity curve. Honestly I just want to make my EP's bark without taking a hammer to my keyboard. It would be awesome if this could be assignable by extern. Does not have to be a true curve, perhaps a light, normal and heavy touch option.
-Option to rename Externs and Masters so I don't have to remember everything. Especially when I'm using a program as a group of quick switch instruments for jamming, arranging etc.
-Increase number of Externs to 8 or 12 to allow setup of complicated setups across multiple devices.
-Some way to add some SysEx messages to an extern at load up or at least send Local Off/Local on message.

My current setup/collection of keyboards is Casio CDP-100 (used as an 88 key weighted controller), Casio PX-350 (Decent stage piano), Casio CT-X800 (cheap but usable 61 key synth), Roland Juno-DS76 and/or Yamaha MODX when I can get them (borrowed) and Korg Module Ipad app. I use iMidi to route midi to the CT-X800 or the nicer boards when I can plus add the Korg. Mostly play classic rock with a cover band so lots of EP, Organ and Piano.
Some programs I build are just a collectin of 4 sounds I like and i turn on one at a time, other programs are leyers and splits needed for a performance. I realize some of this can be done with Midiflow and others but I love the iMidi interface and workflow.

Hoping you will update this great App.