LaunchControl XL LED control - can MidiFlow help?

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LaunchControl XL LED control - can MidiFlow help?

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I have a MIDI problem which I am trying to solve and am unsure whether the Midiflow app can assist me. Hopefully someone can let me know - I'm happy to devote some time once I know I am on the right path :)

I have a Novation LaunchControl XL which I am using to control my iPad Air (2019), running AUM.

On the bottom of the Launchcontrol XL are 16 buttons which I am using as Mute/un-Mute (CC toggle from 0 to 100 assigned to track volumes, one per MIDI channel)

Ideally, I would like these buttons to toggle on/off visually with an LED so that I always know which channel is muted or not. This is the tricky part, as the Launchcontrol XL requires some feedback message to be sent to it to control whether the button's LED is lit or not.

Per the manual: "System Exclusive messages can be used to set the LED values for any button or pot in any
template, regardless of which template is currently selected. This is done using the following
message: Hex version F0h 00h 20h 29h 02h 11h 78h Template Index Value F7h
Dec version 240 0 32 41 2 17 120 Template Index Value 247"

It seems that the MIDI CC which I send once I hit the button, needs to be "answered" by a SySex message immediately from the iPad, this "answer message" actually controls the LED. Then this control must be reversed when the the MIDI CC is toggled back.

Is this something Midiflow can assist me with?
Or, if anyone has any other ideas on how I can achieve, I'd appreciate some guidance :)

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2020 with lots of fun music-making!


More info regarding the Launchcontrol LED info is here: ... -guide.pdf