Workaround for stuck synths since iOS14

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Workaround for stuck synths since iOS14

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Several have posted issues related to stuck synths since iOS14. Since nothing has been addressed so far by the developer, and since iMIDIPatchbay is critical to my professional career at this time, I have spent a lot of time working on this issue, and I have finally found a workaround that is working perfectly for me.

1. I purchased a new iPad Air 4 with the A14 chip. This new iPAD has more processing capacity than any older versions. This by itself was not enough to stop all hanging synths, but it did help quite a bit.
2. Prior iOS 14, I was able to have large polyphony settings on my synths and buffers of 256. I reduced the polyphony settings on my synths to 16 or less depending on the synths and then increased the buffer size to 512 on all synths.
3. This helped even more, but it didn't stop the issue completely. The last step I took was to make sure I opened all synth apps first and then iMIDIPatchbay last. and that was the final step. Since then I have had all trouble free performances. No issues at all.

It is unfortunate that we are dealing with no developer support for a long time. I hope Johannes is ok. This has been a well supported excellent app for many years. Unfortunately the steps above are only a workaround for me and I will be migrating to another app soon - something like Key Stage after I test it.

I hope this helps anyone experiencing the serious issue of hanging synths.

All the best,