Deleting a (flow?)

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Deleting a (flow?)

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I'm brand new to Midiflow, and have great success so far in just a couple days! My use case is two hardware keyboards with an ipad that was connected to one of them (a MODX) that has an audio interface.

Now I'm getting fancy with a usb hub and am setting up presets to route either (or both) hardware keyboards to each other and the ipad, and also sending bank and program changes. So far so good, everything talks to everything when it should, and doesn't route where I don't want it to from preset to preset.

I'm annoyed by something pretty simple, so simple that it must be staring me in the face. On the main edit screen, the one that shows what I'm calling the "flows" (source to destination, with possible stuff happening in the middle)--is there no way to delete one that you've already created? I see Add and Insert related to these, but it seems like once they are created you are stuck with it. That seems like really bad interface design, so I'm thinking I am missing delete somewhere on the screen (?) I am aware of bypass and mute, but I'd much prefer to just ditch one that I decide I don't want.

The reason this is so annoying is that I'm setting up a bunch of live songs by duplicating ones I've already done, and sometimes the routings don't call for quite as many. I have gotten around this by setting up a couple "templates" with the right amount of flows, but this seems like such a silly thing. Granted, as I use the program more I'll be less likely to be creating "extra" flows that I then don't need.

Am I missing a delete somewhere?
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