Horizontal View for iPhone please

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Horizontal View for iPhone please

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I realize that if you have an iPad you won't run into this issue, but I'm sure a lot of us use MidiFlow with an iPhone and most of the apps are in fixed horizontal view, usually out of convenience as most music apps are horizontal because of the keyboard.

Its a pain having to deal with screen rotation every time you flip back and forth between viewing MidiFlow and other apps. The phone freezes for a bit while it auto-adjusts and it just ruins the workflow. Can you please make horizontal view possible for iPhone? Thank you.

Also, we need a way to lock effect chains (not sure how to call them, I mean the flow chains that include an input MIDI device, the modifiers and the MIDI output). It's very frequent that I want to navigate quickly during a show and I accidentally delete one of my chains. Not sure if this is an issue for iPad users too, or if it's easier for it to happen on iPhone. I'm a singer, using MIDIFlow to control my vocal floor effects, and I like using the iPhone Because it hangs on my mic stand and doesn't cover my face like an iPad would. Thanks