"send on load" Doesn't work, don't send anything Topic is solved

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"send on load" Doesn't work, don't send anything

Post by Shanatoba »

I'm trying to give new life and new functionality to an old Yamaha Pss-51 keyboard with 5 octvs and 12 pads. I will not use the sound of the keyboard an I only want to use the keys to play apps on the iPad, mostly the bs-16i with soundfonts. In the future I will add others I ready have : Sunrizer synth, and Poison 202 synth. The midi interface i use is a Griffin studio connect. After several tests with midiflow i accomplished to assign patches to pss-51 pads with a split keyboard also. 😁
Now I want that with each patch change there will be a volumen change so I've been trying with the "send on load" functions sending cc7 changes and also sending sysex but with not results at all. ☹️
I tried also with Sunrizer synth and with Poison 202 and the same negative result.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong or I've found a bug. So I'm asking your help please .
Also I don't get what the "add condition" purpose is
Each time I open it, the sound stops working and besides it has a input controllers list but doesn't have outputs so in case I wanted to select cc7 how can set the amount ?
There are many functions but in my opinion they need to be more intuitive .
split keyboard.mflw
Beside split it has a program change tied to a key pad on ch 16
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Re: "send on load" Doesn't work, don't send anythingAccepted answer

Post by Johannes »

you can learn about conditions here: https://www.midiflow.com/documentation/ ... conditions

Have you tried to delay the messages? The apps might not respond to the volume message right after switching the patch. Try 1000ms for example, first, and then reduce to maybe 100ms.

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Re: "send on load" Doesn't work, don't send anything

Post by Shanatoba »

Thank you Johannes, I found what was happening:
I don't know if it is normal or just happened on my iPhone 5 that when writing
My Send on load parameters they don't activate until I save it first and sign out
of these program. Then when I open same program again then everything works
okey ... But only a couple times, maybe because there are many redirections
in same channels 🤔
However I found the best way to workaround all these troubles converting
the controllers to hexadecimal and sending them thru sysex and voila everything
Is perfect now. I had to do a lot of research and thinking but I believe the time
Invested is worth 😎
Also I fixed a strange behavior with the pitch wheel information.
I had to reconvert the 2 steps mode from the Pss-51 into 12 steps on the bs16-I app.
Johannes I don't know if you are the creator of midiflow, but let me tell you that it is
amazing and very complete midi tool. There are yet some parts of the app that I don't
understand yet but I will investigate in the future and there are a few ideas I have that
maybe can help to improve midiflow. I will write about later on the ideas section on this forum. For now one idea I think would help is to put examples of the most commun
task musicians use the app : Spliting the keyboard, changing sounds on different splits, converting controllers into others, etc.
Thank you and keep the good work