Improvement of the HEX Editor (Midiflow standalone)

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Improvement of the HEX Editor (Midiflow standalone)

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It is a great feature to send SYSEX command to a device on startup of the "Song". Unfortunatly the view of the Hexeditor for these SYSEX statements is as limited as a pocket calculator. It has only one Line and the more bytes you enter, the smaller gets the font size of the script line on the screen. Then at one point it is cutting out the rest of the command line and it is not possible to edit one single byte.v :oops: It would be very helpfull if the screen shows more lines with 8-12 bytes in each line.

As well copy and paste or a text import would be appreciated.

Thanks for concidering this request.

Kind regards

(EDIT: Sorry wrong channel. This request is for the MIDIFLOW (not the Audiobus addon)