Global External Device change request

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Global External Device change request

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Hello, I've been using this app for many years and absolutely love it. I currently use my iPad with the iRig MIDI connection, but I recently purchased the iConnectMIDI as a backup in case the iRig breaks down during a show.

I understand that in the "SETUP", you can globally change all of the 4 Master Input Devices to another MIDI device (which was easy to do), but most of my songs use the EXTERNAL 1-4 channels (because my keyboard only outputs channel 1 so unfortunately I cannot use more than one master input).

This works great but the problem is that if I were to switch over to the iConnectMIDI device, there is no easy way to globally change the devices on all of the EXTERNAL channels without going into every song and manually changing them. And a lot of my songs use all 4 EXTERNAL channels, so it would be a monumental task to update every song this way. If I had to swap devices during a set, there wouldn't be enough time. Is there any way to globally change this or add as a feature in a future update?

Thank you.