Algorithmic Harmony

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Algorithmic Harmony

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Hey there! So, I love what you’ve got going with this app so far, but am wondering if you’ve considered adding a function similar to the Mutable Instruments Midipal’s Harmony feature. It’s implemented in the Scales app.

Here’s a quote from the manual to best describe its behavior...

“ Generates an additional, mostly random, harmonic line on top of the incoming melody. Several algorithms are available to generate the harmony:
mir: mirrors the intervals played on the incoming melody. If you play an ascending scale, a descending scale will be added.
alt: alternates between following what you play, and the mirror mode.
trk: tracks the interval you play, plus or minus a few semitones. For example, if you play a fifth, a major third, and an octave, the harmonized line might play a fourth, a minor third, then an octave.
random: plays a random note within +/- 1 fifth of the note you played.
Obviously, all those random modifications are likely to generate annoying junk unless you select a scale. In which case, it will still sound random, but of the “Free-Jazz” flavor of random.”

Sounds cool, huh? 😃

Anyhow, thanks for listening. Keep up the great work!