CC to Note Value only sending Off messages

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CC to Note Value only sending Off messages

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I'm using midiflow to try and accomplish this:

So I'm trying to send a CC message from my RC-300 Looper
(Ch 14, CC30 with a value of 60)

I'm trying to send this to Funk Drummer on Ch 15 as a C#3 note with a velocity of 100.

This is so when I hit the stop button on my RC-300 it will fire a cymbal hit from Funk Drummer.

I add a remap controller and change the cc30 messages to note value. I used list to function to map both CC30 60 to C#3. The velocity at the bottom is set to 100

I get everything set up in Midiflow, but for some reason The modifier sends two C#3 note off messages with a velocity of 0. I obviously need the first message to be an On message, and I need the velocity at a higher number than zero.

I've been messing with this for hours. It seems like it would be simple, but I can't figure it out.

any help with be extremely appreciated. Thanks
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Re: CC to Note Value only sending Off messages

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Hey, I have the same problem. Trying to send C2 with sustain pedal. Did anyone solve this? It is very frustrating!
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Re: CC to Note Value only sending Off messages

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Hi - have you tried using the cc to Midi Velocity transformed messages in whatever target is supposed to use them?

In my setup (AUM as host with FAC envolver translating audio level to Midi CC),the MidiFlow CC to Note Velocity seems to only create "note off" messages, at least that's what is displayed in the midi monitor.

However, when forwarding to another Plugin (Midicurve), it actually behaves as if Note velocity messages were created as expected. They are just not displayed as such in the lower part of the midi monitor, only "Note off" messages instead. (Btw - yes, I could also use Midiflow to do what Midicurve does, however I like the ease of being able to manipulate the curve with rotary knobs rather than Midi Flow Value Lists).

Anybody else experiencing this?
As this behavior doesn't seem to be correct and is at best confusing - any fix planned`?

thanks! Dietmar
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Re: CC to Note Value only sending Off messages

Post by Kabas »

I’m trying convert program change to midi note value and I’m also getting only off notes.
Can anyone Please help us on it? :cry: