Transpose midi input

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Transpose midi input

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As a musician, keyboard player I use midiflow standalone as my main midi controller.

But i have one issue and did not found a solution for this. Sometimes i need te do a note shift, but if the midi keyboard does not have a function onboard i must make a change in midiflow.

But when i have 4 sounds i must transpose per sound. I would like a note-shift on the input I made a sketch see attachment .

Or is er another way to do this in midiflow ?

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Re: Transpose midi input

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Good suggestion, thanks!
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Re: Transpose midi input

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Transpose changes on the fly is something I was really hoping I could do with Midiflow. What I mean by this is to be able to use an incoming controller to change the note shift values on a route.

I was hoping the controller remapping in-app purchase could do this (i.e. use a condition to effectively remap all note values in a relative way), but doesn’t look like it can.

To describe my overall goal: I would love to be able to allocate 2 buttons on an external midi controller (one “+1” and one “-1”) so that they can trigger a plus 1 or minus 1 on the note shift value on a route. Also a basic set value of note shift to the value of a controller.

One idea which could be more universal to all modifiers: perhaps in the same way a global condition can be used to set program or midi clock value, you could simply allow this to also have the option of a “user-defined” variable that can be used as a value option in any modifier (especially note shift value for me).