Remapping Channel 16 result to Ch.15

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Remapping Channel 16 result to Ch.15

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When I tried remapping All channel or a specific channel to 16 it result to channel 1. Or when i remap it to channel 16 results to channel 1.


#I was doing a controller remap Incoming message CC52 to a specific Sysex command on the hardware synth. So I can change whatever CC52 incoming message to something.

#Restrict Channel to 16 & Remap Channel to 16 thus results to 15 as output result. So It triggers Ch.15 and not 16.

#So what I did is to remap Ch.16 to Ch.1 which it says correct 16 as a channel when I set it to 1.

Ch 1 = Ch16

#Also Sysex output isn't right as it should be on the channel.

Any update on this?