Routing Legacy App Midi Clock thru Midiflow

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Routing Legacy App Midi Clock thru Midiflow

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I use the legacy Yamaha Metronome app for generating Midi Clock and synchronizing a TC Electronic Ditto X4 looper. I want to merge the Midi clock data with CC commands from a Midi foot controller which is used to control operation of the Ditto X4 (e.g. Start/Stop loop, Clear loop).

The hardware setup is as follows:
iConnectivity Mio and Midi foot controller connected to a USB hub and to iPad via Camera Connection Kit. Midi output from Mio is connected to Ditto X4.

The Yamaha Metronome app does not have the ability to select the Midi input/output device, but does have the ability to turn on/off sending or receiving MIDI clock. It does not appear as a source or destination within the Midiflow app, however.

Any thoughts on how this could be achieved with Midiflow?
Any suggestions for other metronome apps which might be more suitable for this workflow? Unfortunately, apps which provide all of the features of the Yamaha Metronome app appear to be non-existent (Midi clock output, set lists, beat subdivision mixer).
Thanks in advance,