Please read this before posting a problem

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Please read this before posting a problem

Post by Johannes » Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:12 pm

first of all:

Sorry, that something is not working as you've expected. Let's figure out, why!

You've probably already looked through the existing posts to see, if this has been covered already. And you might already know the documentation. If not, please do so. It's the fastest way for you to solve your problem. If you can't find anything using the search function, please think about the following points when writing your post:
  1. Choose a good title for the post that describes the problem.
    (like "I hear two notes after I've set a note shift" instead of "Note shift does not work")
  2. Try to narrow down the problem as much as possible. If you have created many routings and one of them is not working, reproduce the issue with only one routing.
  3. If your problem is about MIDI routing/transformation, create a preset by tapping "SHARE" on the main screen and attach the mflw file to your post.
  4. If your problem is about the user interface, create a screenshot and attach it to your post.
  5. If other apps are involved in your setup:
    1. Include the MIDI settings of those other apps (screenshots).
    2. Try to reproduce the problem with a second app, so that we can see if that problem also occurs in that case, or if it only happens with that one app.
  6. Make sure that you're posting in the right forum. You are in the Support forum for Midiflow (standalone) right now, we have separate ones for Midiflow for Audiobus and iMIDIPatchbay.
Thank you!