CC to Note Value only sending Off messages

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CC to Note Value only sending Off messages

Post by stickmartin » Sun Oct 13, 2019 9:32 pm


I'm using midiflow to try and accomplish this:

So I'm trying to send a CC message from my RC-300 Looper
(Ch 14, CC30 with a value of 60)

I'm trying to send this to Funk Drummer on Ch 15 as a C#3 note with a velocity of 100.

This is so when I hit the stop button on my RC-300 it will fire a cymbal hit from Funk Drummer.

I add a remap controller and change the cc30 messages to note value. I used list to function to map both CC30 60 to C#3. The velocity at the bottom is set to 100

I get everything set up in Midiflow, but for some reason The modifier sends two C#3 note off messages with a velocity of 0. I obviously need the first message to be an On message, and I need the velocity at a higher number than zero.

I've been messing with this for hours. It seems like it would be simple, but I can't figure it out.

any help with be extremely appreciated. Thanks

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