program change msb lsb

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program change msb lsb

Post by Razmataz » Wed May 15, 2019 4:33 pm

I am trying to PC on Drumjam app.

I got this instructions from Drumjam:

To load factory presets, you need to send a bank select MSB message (CC 0) with value of 1, and a bank select LSB (CC 32) with the value of the group. Then program changes will a preset in that group. Similar for User presets, you send a CC0 with value of 2. You only need to send the CC0 and CC32 when you want to select a different group for program changes to affect.

to make program changes affect pad presets, you have to send a CC0 with value of 0 (which is how it is by default)

I managed to get PC on pads.
how do I PC the presets?

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