Program change on external without playing it from the Master

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Program change on external without playing it from the Master

Post by Tnoh » Tue Jan 07, 2020 2:12 pm

Hi Johannes,

I'm yesterday replied the message underneath to a post of DJpappa about connecing multiple keyboards but I'm not shure I did it the right way, so here is a separate post about it:

We have had some mail contact earlier last year about the possible MSB/LSB/program learn function.
Maybe you’re (stil) working at it but I now have another (user) question which seems to be a bit like the the topic of DJpappa I’m posting this article to.

When I play with my band I’m normally using a Roland RD 300 stagepiano in combination with IMIDIPatchbay. I created a playlist with songs where sometimes I use the whole keyboard with 1 master channel, but in other songs I’m using 3 zones (1 master and 2 external) on it with 3 different sounds from the RD 300.
Because not all sounds on the RD 300 fit my needs and the playing zone is in some cases rather small with 3 zones, I want to use my Yamaha MX 61 as second keyboard to play i.e. solo’s.

So, I want to create songs where maybe 3 zones/sounds are configured and played on the RD and 1 or 2 zones/sounds on the MX.

Although I believe IMIDIPatchbay is just designed to realise this kind of combinations, I’m already struggeling long time with it without result.

The problem I experience is that I can’t find a way to configure IMIDIPatchbay or my equipment so midi channels 1, 2, 3 etc. of the RD 300 are separated from the midi channels 1, 2, 3 etc. of the MX. So, every note played on the RD will also generate a sound on the same midi channel on the MX. Besides it’s even not the sound I want to hear from the MX. like Djpappa I only want the program chance to be send to the MX, not note information.

I tried different combinations of midi interfaces (just an USB print cable from IPad to RD and from RD midi out to MX midi in, line 6 with midi in/out, Neusonik with 1 midi in and 2 midi out and a midi merger from the two midi outs of the keyboards to the midi in) but with none of this i could separate the midi channels.

When I read about midi there are articles that talk about device numbers and/or setting basic midi channels, wich I assume can be a solution, but I still can’t find the solution. On YouTube, in your introduction video, you are talking about a separate video about configuring the/more master keyboards and maybe in that video you are talking about this configuration but I can’t find that video.

Please, can you inform me if my expectations about the wanted situation are right and if so, how I can realise it? Do I (simply) need another midi interface, like the Iconnect you were talking about, or can it be a configuration issue in the app/hardware?

Hope you can help.

Best regards,


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